Topband: Proper Decorum On The "Gentleman's Band"...

Dave G4GED radiodave.g4ged at
Thu Feb 9 09:39:21 PST 2012

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From: "Gary Smith" <Gary at>
>> This morning, after calling a general "CQ" several times on an
> apparently vacant frequency, the passband of my receiver was
> inundated by someone deliberately sending a continuous string of
> rapid dots---pausing only long enough to see if the barrage elicited
> any response from me---and a terse "QSY"...

I believe that it's high time for every piece of
transmitting equipment sold, to have enbedded an indelible unique identity
code which is included in a high-speed burst with every transmission or by
interrogation. This would identify the owner of that equipment. (similar to 
unique addresses). Yes, it  would take painstaking international 
cooperation, legislation
and type approval but when done could be a huge deterrent to spectrum 
And not just in the amateur service.
My twopennies worth!

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