Topband: Proper Decorum On The "Gentleman's Band"...

Gary Smith Gary at
Thu Feb 9 09:03:55 PST 2012

Hi Eddy,

While I agree 100% with you, sadly this is nothing new. You only need 
to look back to Hiram Maxim's "rotten QRM" and the Wouf Hong to see 
the longevity of this RF Graffiti. 

I'm guessing that because every new HF rig has 160 ability and that 
there's more commercial antennas being made to reach the band with 
minimal assembly, the ratio of misanthropes on Top Band has 
proportionately increased over past years. 

The distilled answer really comes down to this; Idiots breed with 
idiots and they have kids they don't know how to raise. Give an idiot 
a tool and they'll use it like an idiot...

Gary - KA1J

> Hi Guys,
> This morning, after calling a general "CQ" several times on an 
apparently vacant frequency, the passband of my receiver was 
inundated by someone deliberately sending a continuous string of 
rapid dots---pausing only long enough to see if the barrage elicited 
any response from me---and a terse "QSY"...

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