Topband: Topband radials

Bruce k1fz at
Fri Feb 10 16:21:26 PST 2012

Years ago in the early 1960's when working in Bangor Maine at  WLBZ-TV and WLBZ 620 KHZ AM radio  (Now WZON radio) we had a weak AM ground wave signal. Could hardly copy at Belfast about 25 miles 
south on the coast.  Diagnosed the problem as ground losses and replaced many radials, some of which had poor solder joints. After new radials were install with silver solder connections, the  signal was strong down the coast south to Portland, and copy able to the New Hampshire border. This was the daytime non-directional pattern.  Why 120 radials, because they work.  More radials also have less RF voltage at the ends to leak to the earth.  Think it was Tom W8JI that said an antenna is working good, -Compared  to what?  Someone recently said -ask the big signal guys what they have for antennas & grounds. Sounds like good advice.
At this time in my life I am on a 1.3 acre lot that has a lot of iron and rust in the wet rocky hill top. I no longer have the 1/8 wave 160 meter 4 square, but having  fun working the pile ups.


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