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Most stations just follow tradition. No station I have built has ever
had any radials stolen. They are buried 3 feet down. It takes heavier
equipment to do it but it is worth the effort.

On 2/10/12 2:54 PM, Herb Schoenbohm wrote:
>  On 2/10/2012 1:11 PM, Milt -- N5IA wrote:
>>  If that is the case, WHY do the pro broadcasters install all 120 radials at
>>  full length; even bare wire buried a couple of inches underground?
>  Answer:
>  Because the FCC requires it as part of your AM application.  Some
>  stations that were required to protect a distant station on the same
>  channel but away from the area they wanted to cover, even applied for a
>  waivers with a deliberately poor ground system in the protected
>  direction ...but the FCC said no way Jose.  Another consulting engineer
>  when modeling a slant wire shunt fed and running test FSM noticed some
>  cancellation in the opposite direction of the slant wire shunt fed
>  tower.  This appeared a sensible solution to enhanced protection without
>  the addition of another tower and expensive pahser, not to mention the
>  cost of additional real estate.  Again the boys at 1919 M Street said
>  no.  (The Portals today)
>  With the price of copper skyrocketing the amount of theft in some parts
>  of the country is unbelievable.  AM stations are immediate targets as
>  thieves just pull up the systems with a winch or just hook it to the
>  bumper and drive off into seclusion and roll it up in the back of a
>  truck. Some station owners in PR have opted to plow in barbed wire as a
>  lower cost alternative to bare copper.  So far none of the barbed wire
>  buried ground systems have not been touched.
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