Topband: Radials help (Mark van Wijk)

Mark van Wijk pa5mw at
Sat Feb 11 15:06:02 PST 2012

Please do not abuse my wording. Or maybe I need to clarify.

I DO welcome any discussion on exsting and new proposed antenna/ground systems.

However, discussions tend to be jammed by people throwing in basic theories, papers, even laws of physics from those who seem to oppose a (valid) new idea (FCP).

The next step is not to outsmart the guy via your kybd, but to built, test and compare.

That's why I said stop the endless talking and start building.

73 Mark, PA5MW

On 11 feb. 2012, at 21:47, Panos Dalakos <pdala at> wrote:

> Dear moderator
> Mark PA5MW said:
> ..."It is time to stop talking...."
> I agree absolutely.
> Maybe it's hard but all of us have a copy of ARRL Antenna Book or Low
> Band DXing. I think that it's enough for the 50% of us.Read, study and
> act. 
> Let's help the reflector to be helpful for everyone. There are many
> other channels to communicate each-other as yahoo/skype/ovo/hamsphere
> etc.
> Today I received 7 issues of TB Digest. I don't open/read none issue. I
> read this topic accidentally looking the preview.
> I don't want to attack to anyone, so please don't bring out my post.
> With respect
> 73 de Panos SV1GRD
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