Topband: LOTW Participation

N1BUG paul at
Fri Feb 17 08:01:06 PST 2012

 > Why would anyone deny that thrill to a rookie Ham,
 > dismissing it as being old-fashioned, when it inspired
 > us oh-so-many years ago? An electronic notification
 > is just not the same, IMHO...

This will be my final on the subject, but let me just attempt once 
more to plant a seed for possible thought.

I totally agree an electronic notification is just not the same, but 
it may be all your QSO partner has. So by the same token, why would 
anyone deny the thrill of a LoTW confirmation to a ham who may not 
be able to chase confirmations by more traditional means? It costs 
nothing to upload to LoTW and may just make your QSO partner's day - 
just as that paper QSL thrills you. Perhaps for some it is a matter 
of protesting progress, which, trust me, I completely understand. 
I've been known to protest progress a few times myself! Still, the 
cost of protest may be denying that thrill to another ham.

I firmly believe in QSLing, by any method. That is why, since I am 
not prepared to handle the paperwork, I choose not to make QSOs that 
put me in the position of having to deny paper QSLs to my QSO 
partners. Ideally I would choose not to deny us both the QSO in the 
first place, but life is about compromises and making realistic 
choices - and choices we can live with.

Sorry for posting twice on this topic. I'm done and out of here 
though I will be happy to continue the discussion off list if anyone 
feels inclined to debate my position. Where'd I put that flame proof 
suit? ;-)

Paul N1BUG

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