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I am sure Craig's post was not meant to be critical, and we cannot presume
this was the problem.  We do not even know whether they were indeed at
Noah's station. There are now at least two well-equipped contest stations on

Following the advice of my father, we should say only good things, or
nothing at all.  And I can say without hesitation that Noah is very
hard-working and extremely helpful.  He puts so much effort into the station
and improvements.  He built an incredible relay system of his own design for
80 phasing. I recall that 160m improvements were the next thing planned.
For a brand new country, despite how much one may love top band, the first
effort must be to work folks who have never had a contact.   I am sure there
will be station improvements on 160m if they have not occurred already.

If you have specific suggestions for any station operator or owner (DX or
otherwise), I think the polite thing would be to contact him or other
parties concerned.  Again I am not being critical but just a suggestion to
be careful not to imply things that we do not know.

This message is only meant with the best intentions.


Dale N3BNA

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On 2/22/2012 8:51 AM, Craig Clark wrote:
> Our 160 station was on 160 and 15 and both bands had receiving problems.

I'm assuming that you were at the house on the hill that Noah owns with a
group. I operated from there a year or so ago, and helped string a Beverage
along the road running down into Rincon. It worked pretty well, BUT -- one
of the MPs that was there was very low on RX gain, and when used with that
radio was pretty deaf on 160M.  After the contest, I gave Noah a detailed
rundown of the problem.

I worked you, but it wasn't easy.  I also worked K4BAI from there about six
months ago.  BTW -- I still need a 160M card (or LOTW Q) from PJ4.

73, Jim K9YC
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