Topband: 3C6A

Josep ea6bf at
Sat Feb 25 06:10:57 PST 2012

Really nothing you can do if someone decides to go that way.
But agree with me, if I hear some callsigns making kind of mess on the bands, i.e. W4ZV, K3LR, W5UN, DF2PY, (and many more to mention some of them), I definitly DO NO TRUST they are the real ones..!! Our reputation is preceeded by respect to others and good behaviour.
So, any good TB operator will identify in a second who is who..!
I am not worried about my reputation, nor anyone of the TB operators I know from many years..They are all great people that I am happy to have as friends, and do know they never do such things on the air..

My respect to all of you guys..!


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  > The problem is that there is nothing to prevent someone from using YOUR
  > call, making a complete ass of himself on the air and thus trashing your
  > reputation.

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