Topband: K6STI low noise receive loop

James Rodenkirch rodenkirch_llc at
Tue Oct 2 12:10:39 EDT 2012

Has anyone employed that K6STI receive antenna?  It doesn't equal a Beverage, for sure, BUT - for a small footprint area it looks interesting.  I'd think it wouldn't matter if one used 450 ohm ladder line or 300 ohm twinlead for the connection between the opposite ends but...not sure if that's a good assumption. I need an alternate receive antenna as my vertical is, simply, too noisy but space is at a premium here.  I could put up a short BOG, maybe 200' long so think that K6STI loop might be a great idea. Thoughts?  72, Jim Rodenkirch K9JWV 		 	   		  

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