Roger Parsons ve3zi at
Thu Apr 4 18:59:01 EDT 2013

Mike - I suspect that none of the following will apply to you but FWIW:

I have had some problems with joints in very long runs (>2000') of hardline - using the 'proper' CATV connectors. The hardline that I have uses an aluminium outer and a solid copper inner - most use a copper plated aluminium inner these days. It gets very cold here in the winter, and the copper inner contracts a lot more than the aluminium outer. I have had a couple of occasions (including this winter) where the contraction has been sufficient to pull the inner out of the connector - Bingo! 12 dead Beverages. The first time it happened some years ago I was advised (on this reflector) to bend the hardline into an S shape on either side of the joint. Of course I eventually forgot that good advice and paid the price.

The VE1ZZ technique (hose clamps inside an upturned pop bottle) may not be elegant but it does keep working. As would your connection box.

73 Roger

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