Topband: ADSL Filter (simple surface mount design)

Don Kirk wd8dsb at
Mon Apr 8 10:43:28 EDT 2013

In February of this year I built another ADSL filter originally designed by
OZ1CTK, but this time I used off the shelf surface mount components (my
original build used through hole components, etc.).  For my surface mount
build I used a single sided circuit board and a Dremel tool with cutoff
wheel to cut the very simple traces into the board.  The surface mount
version of this filter has been in use since February, and it has worked

I created a website that documents my surface mount build of this filter.
The website contains pictures of my surface mount filter, parts list, as
well as a downloadable .pdf document which shows the artwork, and parts
placement.  Here is the URL of my simple website for those interested :

Don (wd8dsb)

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