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Steve Ireland vk6vz at
Tue Apr 16 07:47:28 EDT 2013


For all those many who Mike VK6HD (‘Mick’) gave the first CW contact with Zone 29 and/or Australia on the topband over the years, but never had the pleasure of meeting of him, here is something to give you the flavour of what he was like in person. 

Very tall, about 6’ 4” I would guess, with a deep friendly voice and a very wry sense of humour. Mike, originally G3HDA as most will know, originally worked in catering but when he came to Australia decided to use his huge ability at numbers. He became a lecturer in accounting at a Perth university and such was his ability as a teacher that he was asked to write at least one textbook on his particular area of expertise. I think Mike was head of the accounting teaching department at the university when he retired.

Mike was happy to share his amazing knowledge of radio and propagation if you were inquisitive about those things and was an excellent teacher in this area too. He taught me about openings and paths around the globe that I never thought existed and just about everything about the topband that I know.  Me being poorer than him at getting up in the morning, Mike would phone me if a new country was on the band. I simply don’t think I would have made DXCC on 160 without his help and encouragement.  

At the time of his passing, Mike had at least 255 countries and 39 zones worked on 160m, which is likely to stand as the highest score on the band from Australia forever. That being said, he would be delighted if someone passed his total, which is the mark of the man.  

An abiding memory in the Ireland family is our daughter Hannah sitting with me and Mike when she was about 18 months old, soothed by that deeply friendly voice.  I shall miss him a lot.    

Vy 73

Steve, VK6VZ

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