Topband: Old TJ1GB QSL

Saulius Zalnerauskas ly5w.sam at
Tue Apr 16 07:16:37 EDT 2013

Hello everybody,

I had old QSL for our QSO with TJ1GB in 20 feb 1998 at 1938z on 160m CW (my
ex call LY1DR).
Some QSL's were lost during my QRT (2004-2007). Now sending many requests
and some QSL's are back again. TNX for it very much.
I found that manager was K6SLO. Sorry, but he's silent key now.
Can anybody help with it?

Same problem with some F6FNU, VK9NS, ZL1AMO lost very rare DXCC and QSL's.
Please e-mail me.

Sam LY5W/LY2BIM (ex LY1DR)

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