Topband: Elevated Radials

ZR zr at
Fri Mar 1 21:53:48 EST 2013

> Elevated radials avoid a collection of lossy mistakes that one finds
> in less than optimal buried/on ground radials.  If a full size radial
> system is done properly, dense, uniform all around, you will not be
> able to tell the difference.  If there were huge efficiency issues
> with buried radials never seen with elevated, you would be seeing
> elevated radials at AM BC stations all over the place.
> 24 radials on the ground is not optimal unless you are over midwest
> USA flat-land black super-dirt.
> 73, Guy.

Ahh, but the BCB folks have been using elevated radials mostly in rebuilds 
of failed buried systems as new station construction is at a 
minimum....there aint no more room unless they get rid of one sideband or 
run real QRP at night high up the band. One of the locals here runs 2.5W at 
night but being in a salt water marsh they do cover their assigned in town 
area well.


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