Topband: Elevated Radials

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This white paper, written by Clarence Beverage may be of interest to the 

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>> Elevated radials avoid a collection of lossy mistakes that one finds
>> in less than optimal buried/on ground radials.  If a full size radial
>> system is done properly, dense, uniform all around, you will not be
>> able to tell the difference.  If there were huge efficiency issues
>> with buried radials never seen with elevated, you would be seeing
>> elevated radials at AM BC stations all over the place.
>> 24 radials on the ground is not optimal unless you are over midwest
>> USA flat-land black super-dirt.
>> 73, Guy.
> Ahh, but the BCB folks have been using elevated radials mostly in rebuilds 
> of failed buried systems as new station construction is at a 
> minimum....there aint no more room unless they get rid of one sideband or 
> run real QRP at night high up the band. One of the locals here runs 2.5W 
> at night but being in a salt water marsh they do cover their assigned in 
> town area well.
> Carl
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