Topband: tx5k ops

David Raymond daraymond at
Fri Mar 8 10:47:45 EST 2013

I have listened to the TX5K operation for hours and hours.  Overall, they 
have had the best operators and operating practices I've seen in a very long 
time. . .maybe ever.  They stick with the call until they get it.  They do a 
good job of staying in sync with the station they are working and completing 
the qso with confidence.  When you're done you know you've worked them. 
They do a remarkable job controlling unruly European mobs that call 
incessantly and pay no attention whatsoever to instructions from the 
operator.  They've been friendly and courteous.  They know what bands to be 
on at which time of day.  My only complaint is that some of the SSB audio 
has been "pinched" to the point that it can be just a bit difficult to copy 
under certain circumstances.   But a minor point for sure.

I'm sure with over 100,000 QSOs in the log there are exceptions to the 
above.  But overall, the operators have been nothing short of outstanding 

73. . . Dave

> Some of the TX5K operators are indeed the best, especially on 160 being 
> able to dig out so many Europeans in the past nights and even 4Z1 last 
> night.  Yet there are a few operators that defy logic like on 75 meters 
> this morning who showed up on 3.785 at 11:00Z where I was waiting for him 
> with excited anticipation of finally  being able to add Clipperton on 75 
> SSB. TX5K was 20 over and I immediately got a reply "KV4FZ are you a one?" 
> Then after a short lecture the operator proceeded by numbers starting with 
> "1".  Unfortunately by the time the operator got to number group "four" 
> he had dropped into the noise and was impossible to work him.  Do I have a 
> legitimate beef?  I sure think so.
> 73,
> Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

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