Topband: "New beverage"

John Kaufmann john.kaufmann at
Thu May 16 20:37:32 EDT 2013

Go to and scroll down the page to "center fed
steerable wave antenna".  The diagram shows how you can feed a 2-wire
Beverage in the center, or anywhere along its length.  The two transformers
in the middle have center taps that pass signal currents from one side of
the antenna to the other side.  Therefore the entire length of the Beverage
is active at all times.  I built one of these systems many years ago and it
worked very well.

The reflection transformers at the end function exactly the same as the
reflection transformers in a conventional 2-wire Beverage, and convert
common mode currents to transmission line currents that are sent back to the
center of the antenna.  The secondary windings of the two transformers in
the center pick off the transmission line currents and provide receiver
feeds for two directions.  Functionally it is the same as a conventional
2-wire Beverage of the same overall length, except it gives you the
convenience of feeding it anywhere.

73, John W1FV

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