Topband: tool for install radials

Gary Smith Gary at
Wed Dec 10 09:59:09 EST 2014

When I was in Indiana and laid out radials 
for a Butternut, I used an "edger" to cut 
a groove in the dirt, then used a hand 
tool to dig out Dandilions and push the 
wire into the dirt. I ground down the 
sharp bevel at the end of the tool so as 
to not cut into the insulation. It worked 
well enough.

The tool some have pointed to that burys 
cable/dog fence wire would be what I did 
on steroids and a far better idea if you 
can find one.

With my 130' Inv-L radials in CT, I just 
laid them down on the marsh floor knowing 
they would be fine for the time and soon 
would be covered by organic matter & out 
of the way.



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