Topband: Shunt Feed - Insulated Elements on Yagi

Stan Stockton wa5rtg at
Thu Dec 18 06:43:06 EST 2014

I have never had an issue with this on any tower I have shunt fed that had
a Yagi at the top with insulated elements, but then again my insulators are
probably a lot better than the average ones used on commerical antennas.  I
am thinking about shunt feeding a tower that is not mine and wanted to know
whether anyone has had any issue runniing 1500 watts to a shunt fed tower
that has a Yagi at the top with insulated elements.  Im not wanting to
ground elements and don't need additional top loading.  What I would like
to know is anyone has done any damage or melted anything.

Thanks...Stan, K5GO

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