Topband: Recommended Antennas for 160M/80M Receiving

Roger D Johnson n1rj at
Sun Dec 21 12:23:34 EST 2014

I just drafted a reply to Mack's question delineating the problem I've had with my
vertical arrays. After I sent the e-mail, an idea popped into my head. I wonder if
my problems have to do with ground conductivity? The soil here in New England
is poor (2 mS) and beverages are known to perform well over poor ground. Dave,
W0FLS, has had good results with his 8 circle but he has substantially better
ground in Iowa (15 mS).

Could those of you who have had better results with your vertical arrays than with
Beverages let me know what your local ground conductivity is? If there is a 
I might see if putting down some radials will improve the situation.

Thanks, Roger N1RJ

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