Topband: New MFJ 259C available

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Tue Mar 4 14:53:42 EST 2014

Those should surely be accurate enough, but what kind of connectors?

Charlie, K4OT V

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Can HP microwave loads be used? I have a set good to 24 GHz and another to 
50 GHz.


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> On 3/4/2014 7:25 AM, Paul Christensen wrote:
>> My only concern with the VNWA is in its ability to measure Topband 
>> antenna systems where sweeps are required into the AMBC band.
> I'm a VERY happy owner of the 3E model VNWA. I've made measurements on my 
> 160M antennas with no difficulty, but I'm out in the boonies, not close 
> enough to strong BC signals to have seen any issues.
> As to precision of calibration loads -- after I got the VNWA, I did a 
> search looking for calibration loads, and quickly learned that if you want

> better than 1% precision, it's easy to spend as much for the load as for 
> the VNWA itself!
> 73, Jim K9YC
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