Topband: dual-wire bev

Glen k4kv at
Wed Mar 12 08:24:41 EDT 2014


I read recently on line about a ham who said he was 'feeding' his dual-wire
near the center of the
antenna.  I wrote to him about how that is done, and he never responded.

I see now there is company offering a system that does just that, but no
circuit diagrams are available.

I am wondering: do they put a reflection transformer and ground rod at each
end, and, then, tap off
like normal anywhere along the antenna with T4(ON4UN Low band dxing

TIA for any advice.

I have 4 dual-wires, and just recently tried some WD1A military surplus
telephone wire, and it works.
I was using 12" spaced aluminum fence wire with great success, but the
fallen limbs and small trees
are a maintenance nightmare.


Glen K4KV
Moultrie, GA

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