Topband: A newbie question

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Tue Mar 18 12:20:07 EDT 2014

I worked XV7BM on 160 at my sunrise (about 1400z) this morning, running 
about 900w, and transmitting/receiving on the same antenna, a half-sloper 
off a 110' tower. He was peaking over s-9 when I worked him.

All the same facts applied to my QSO with HS0ZKX  yesterday.

Now if only XZ1Z would appear tomorrow morning...

Good luck!

Jim  W1YY
Kingston, WA

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To all,,, I am relatively new to 160,,, I work  the vhf/uhf/Eme spectrum,so 
I am used to weak signal work,, I  just moved to arizona,and decided to try 
160!!,. I had no problem working the HS0 yesterday morning , but I could not 
hear the XV7 this morning,,I  heard a lot of my "neighbors" working him... 
Could anyone give me any info on his xmit power and what type of receiving 
antenna those of you who worked him, were using??   Thanks!!
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