Topband: FW: Front End Saver for Top Band

rodger bryce gm3job at
Fri May 30 03:50:37 EDT 2014

From: gm3job at
To: gmdx at
Subject: Front End Saver for Top Band
Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 18:45:14 +0000

Has anyone built the front end saver by KD9SV or the OK1RR version which uses 12 volt reed relays.
I am attempting to build the 12v version on veroboard and have the following query, when the unit is supplied with 12v relays 1 & 2 are energised, when the PTT is operated relays 2 & 3 are energised basically relay 2 remains energised at all times, is this the correct sequence of operation?
thanks Rodger/GM3JOB 

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