Topband: JA's this morning on 160

David Raymond daraymond at
Mon Jan 5 17:53:48 EST 2015

Herb. . .I got on this morning after you had gone QRT.  I did CQ but no JAs 
went into the log.  JH7PFD was on chat but said I was just detectable.  From 
here, it was another ISSIB day. . . most every day this season with the 
exception of two or three have been that way.

73. . .Dave, W0FLS
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> George,  I worked nine of JA'a this morning on 160.  I could only hear 
> them via SW skewed path over ZL/VK and they could only hear me via SE as 
> well.  Nobody on the mainland including Jeff VY2ZM with his super setup 
> heard a thing nor did they hear him nor anybody else from the East Coast.. 
> Signals from some JA's were 569 and one JH4AAG was a true 579.  The first 
> JA JA3ONB was worked at 0949Z and the last one was JA4LKB at 10:31Z.  I 
> had some problems with one of my SW Reversible Beverages at times or I 
> could have possibly worked more.  This has been repaired and I will try in 
> the morning and see if the path repeats itself.  I hope you are lucky and 
> this path to be open for you to JA from KP1.  Nothing here has ever 
> compared to JA then this SW Skewed path were signals are so strong.  It is 
> a short opening so be prepared for it.
> I will keep you informed on how it plays over the next few days.
> Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ
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