Topband: Video Switch for Low Band Antenna switching

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Mon Jul 6 08:59:25 EDT 2015

I have several Array Solution StackMatches that came with rotatory
switches.  I found the rotatory switches to be very awkward for changing
stack configurations and I quickly replaced them with MicroHam push button
controllers. They may also cause less wrist strain.

I have a K9AY 8X2 switch and it is awesome. Selecting RX antennas using
the remote key pad could not be easier or quicker.  The remote lays flat
on the desk and it can be conveniently positioned. I would highly
recommend this product.

John KK9A

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Subject:	Re: Topband: Video Switch for Low Band Antenna switching
From:	Mike Waters <mikewate at>
Date:	Sun, 5 Jul 2015 15:07:13 -0500

I'm not sure that I would like pushbutton antenna switching. Especially in
a contest.

I use a 4-position rotary switch to select all four directions of the two
Beverages. (The same principle would apply to more than four directions.)
All four RX directions are within a 90 degree rotation of the switch;
adjacent positions are just 22.5 degrees apart. (And rotary switches are
available with less than 22.5 degrees between positions.)

To its immediate right is a toggle switch that selects either the Beverage
RX rotary switch or the TX antenna. Both the rotary and toggle can be
operated conveniently with just my right hand, while tuning across the
band, etc. with my left. It is a very ergonomic design; if it could be
improved upon, I've never figured out a better way.
 (But I'm listening with an open mind. :-)

A photo of the switching arrangement here can be viewed at
Click on the image to zoom.

I think W8JI --and somebody else who copied his design-- has eight PB
switches in a ~2" diameter circle, all barely protruding just past the
panel. Maybe if I had one, I would prefer it over what I built, but I
really don't think so. When my fingers are on that switch, I don't have to
feel around for pushbuttons nor take my eyes off more important things.

IMHO, a rotary switch is the way to go.

73, Mike

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