Topband: New Noise

Steve VE7SL at
Sun Jan 3 14:08:27 EST 2016

> I inspected the LED lamp and saw a small burned spot.

saw something similar with a CFL bulb a few years ago....huge s9++ buzz from 
LF through to low HF. I could hear it all over the neighborhood with a 
portable SW receiver so... and after several days of DFing and making noise 
maps of the local area, I traced it to a cottage four doors away. The 
cottage was vacated as the owners just come here in the summer but I 
eventually got access from a relative. It was a CFL light left on in the 
crawlspace (to discourage some of our local otter population from moving 
in!) but ... it had burned out and partially melted the glass, with a lot of 
black charring on the base. A very dangerous situation if there had been any 
flammable material nearby. Even in this burned-out state, is was generating 
some serious RF it seems.


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