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Sun Jan 3 14:14:35 EST 2016

*:::: Excellent! Point made far better than I did**

On 1/3/2016 2:01 PM, Tree wrote:
> I guess one point that needs to be kept in mind - if you add up the
> contests that have an impact to normal DX operation - it probably is about
> 10 nights a year.
> In some of these contests - I have worked DX countries that are not active
> outside of contests - or have worked new ones in the preparations leading
> up to the contests.
> That leaves something like 355 nights a year with no contests.   I
> understand some people don't like them and they turn off their radio - but
> if you look at the overall activity level during a contest and compare it
> to outside of contest - there are many more people "enjoying" the band
> during those 10 or so nights.
> Good discussion - but let's keep the numbers in mind.
> Tree N6TR

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