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I'm not familiar with what you are using on 160m or how often you get on the
band, but just because you have never noticed any DX activity on a
non-contest weekend does not mean it is not there. There is plenty of DX on
Topband when conditions are good. And while a contest might bring out some
DX activity, it also drives some away. I can't tell you how many times there
has been non-contest DX underneath some contest CQ machine that cannot hear
them. I've personally missed several new ones that way. 


Mike made a reasonable request for compromise by establishing a segment of
the band for non-contesting during the Stews. How is that "ridiculous"? 



- Larry K5RK




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:::: Your contention that a few hours of a contest "interferes" with DX'ing,
QRP, and digital is ridiculous since it provides many more opportunities to
pursue those very activities by providing contacts when there is typically
very little to behad. I've never noticed any amount of activity,
specifically on 160, on a non contest weekend, that would be impacted since
there typically is hardly any...again, specifically on

160 meters.



On 1/3/2016 1:54 PM, Michael St. Angelo wrote:

> The Stew Perry contest is one of the better ones but I agree with 

> Larry and Joe.  Contests  tend to take over the band and interferes 

> with other form of operation such as DX'ing, QRP and probably Digital


> What is missing is that we don't have a "WARC" type MF band which is 

> free of contest operation.


> Maybe we could compromise. Is it possible to limit the SP to a portion 

> of the band that does not interfere with the DX, QRP and Digital


> Mike N2MS

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