Topband: Band opening?

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Sun Jan 3 16:14:28 EST 2016

:::: OMG, what a bunch of whiners. To paraphrase:
"Don't say's not nice"....
"Don't mislabel our chats just because they're on CONTESTING.COM".....
"I don't like contestors cause they mess up the band for others even 
though I'm on a contesting forum". and on and on.

  This place sounds like every other group in America now. Waaa...Waaaa, 
don't hurt my feelings. CYa all. This is ridiculous:-P

On 1/3/2016 2:14 PM, Larry Burke wrote:
> Seriously, Bill?
> is a domain name, not the name of this list. Take a gander at
> to see all the lists hosted under that domain.
> Larry K5RK
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>>> <<<<It's news to me that this group is supposed to be for
>>> contestors.>>>>>>>>>> Rick N6RK
> :::: Seriously???? I call your attention to the very name of the group:
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