Topband: Band opening?

Gary Smith Gary at
Sun Jan 3 16:21:28 EST 2016

My logging software is Logic9, it's not free and has just one author 
to make changes as he deems fit. It has a spot log feature that is 
very well done. It does takes a bit of time to set the software up 
exactly how and to what you want to be notified about but it will 
give a real time audible "Alert" about a needed entity through your 
speakers if you select that option, it will also send you an email 
about the sighting on the cluster if you desire. As I have it set, it 
only shows cluster posts from North America. I have it set to use 
telnet and html based data.

Since it works with your personal log data, it knows what you need 
for new contacts as per what you describe in the spot log and band 
table setup and will show you everything spotted or just the new ones 
you need (your choice). If all you are interested in is 160, you go 
to the band setup and tell the program to not follow all bands except 
160 and then you get to refine that to lets say; only CW. So all you 
would see are all the 160 CW cluster posts from North America. If you 
select a particular check box option on the spot log main window, 
then it will only show 160 CW posts from North America that you have 
never worked.

I have stopped using Logic's contesting formats which are very easy 
to configure and use and am now using N1MM and after the contest, 
import the contacts into Logic where the import is seamless. N1MM 
does more as it is a program designed solely for contesting. Logic9 
though is a fabulous program to; get alerted by, keep track of all 
your awards and handle just about all of your ham radio related data 

I find the spot log as I have set it up for my desires, invaluable. 
Once you work a country, the color of the post in the spot log 
changes. Once you confirm that QSO via LOTW or card, you no longer 
see that country listed (unless you choose to see all posts, in which 
case you  will see that call but it will be in black lettering so you 
know at a glance if you need it or not.

73 & HNY,


> :::: Now that I have your attention....
> Is there any method anyone knows of to receive email or a text message 
> when there is DX present on 160 meters?
> I subscribe to several, but none of them seems to include 160 in the 
> "notification" check box.
> Perhaps we could create one? I know this group is supposed to be for 
> contestors, but let's be honest, loads of other things are discussed.

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