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The contests may operate 10 nights a year but those nights are usually weekend when I, as well as others, have time to operate on the Topband.

Why not take advantage of the unused nights and schedule the content during the week?

By the way, thanks for reinforcing idea that discussions about the "Gentleman's Band" should be gentlemanly.

One thing this discussion as brought up is that 160 has unique propagation characteristics are not found on other HF bands and we have to find out a way to accommodate all operators and legacy modes as well as newer modes.

Mike N2MS 

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I guess one point that needs to be kept in mind - if you add up the
contests that have an impact to normal DX operation - it probably is about
10 nights a year.

In some of these contests - I have worked DX countries that are not active
outside of contests - or have worked new ones in the preparations leading
up to the contests.

That leaves something like 355 nights a year with no contests.   I
understand some people don't like them and they turn off their radio - but
if you look at the overall activity level during a contest and compare it
to outside of contest - there are many more people "enjoying" the band
during those 10 or so nights.

Good discussion - but let's keep the numbers in mind.

Tree N6TR

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