Topband: K1BB

Gary Smith Gary at
Tue Jan 5 22:17:47 EST 2016

So much has been said about the Stew Perry contests and I really 
don't know much about him except him being an avid 160M OP and having 
the 1st DXCC on 160. I went to QRZ and read a bit more about him, 
more regarding his memorial station. Looking at my logs, I've never 
worked Stew in person (Never could work 160 till 1992 thanks to 
apartment living) , nor have I worked his memorial station. My guess 
is they are not that active on the air or I would have them in my 

Is there a link where I can learn more about why he is so revered? He 
must of been one heck of a DXer on 160 to be so well appreciated.

Call me an ignorant Luddite


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