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Wed Jan 6 06:01:16 EST 2016

Tony & Chris,

Thanks, I'll get the book, that's just what I would like to read 

I appreciate it,



> On 06/01/2016 03:17, Gary Smith wrote:
> > Is there a link where I can learn more about why he is so revered? He
> > must of been one heck of a DXer on 160 to be so well appreciated.
> Hi Gary,
> Stew, apart from being a great 160m DX'er, was also the father of the 
> Transatlantic tests. In the late 60's and early 70's he would set dates 
> and times for W to EU contacts and once a month (if my memory serves me) 
> he would have 'first timers' tests where he asked all the regulars to 
> stand by to allow those who wanted their first QSO to get through. Being 
> the Gentleman's band the big guns did standby on those first timers 
> mornings. (oh how different it might be today!).
> I duly sat there in my shack with my HRO, homebrew TX running 10 watts 
> to a low inverted L with insufficient radials and called him. He was my 
> first 160m W QSO and one of those moments I still remember over 40 years 
> later. His QSL card was, and still is, a prized possession - as are the 
> letters he wrote to so many topband enthusiasts.
> For many of us he was the driver and mentor for our lasting enthusiasm 
> in 160m. Do get a copy of Jeff Briggs book if you can - it comes with an 
> audio CD of 'magic moments on 160m'.
> 73 & Good DX
> Chris, G3SVL

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