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Gary and all

My book Dx'ing on the Edge is now out of print - but sold several thousand copies -however.  you can find a copy here and there on EBAY and Amazon still

The opening cut on the enclosed CD in the book  is of Stew Perry on New Year's Eve 1977 talking to EI8H and Ernie K1PBW.  The cut was graciously sent to me by Peter Bobek (SK) DJ8WL - who received it from a USA amateur who recorded it.

Stew had passed away in 1990 I THINK - so we sort of brought him back from the grave -  to commemorate him on the CD - it was great to her his voice again....

I met Stew in 1973 at the New England Convention and his talk on 160m was thrilling.  I will never forget that presentation.

Today I am the trustee for the Stew Perry Memorial ARC and I myself or some friends often put his call on ther air in the STEW - so listen for W1BB in the Stew - you will work it one day - and we have his old qsl designs on the special QSL card that we use today for W1BB.

73 and hope this helps.


Stew was the most accomplished 160m Dx'er I have ever met - | could tell you some stories that are fascinating about what he could do on Topband.

No internet - no packet - no skimmer - no ON4KST chat -  just the man and his station and it was the stuff of legends.


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On 06/01/2016 03:17, Gary Smith wrote:
> Is there a link where I can learn more about why he is so revered? He
> must of been one heck of a DXer on 160 to be so well appreciated.
Hi Gary,

Stew, apart from being a great 160m DX'er, was also the father of the 
Transatlantic tests. In the late 60's and early 70's he would set dates 
and times for W to EU contacts and once a month (if my memory serves me) 
he would have 'first timers' tests where he asked all the regulars to 
stand by to allow those who wanted their first QSO to get through. Being 
the Gentleman's band the big guns did standby on those first timers 
mornings. (oh how different it might be today!).

I duly sat there in my shack with my HRO, homebrew TX running 10 watts 
to a low inverted L with insufficient radials and called him. He was my 
first 160m W QSO and one of those moments I still remember over 40 years 
later. His QSL card was, and still is, a prized possession - as are the 
letters he wrote to so many topband enthusiasts.

For many of us he was the driver and mentor for our lasting enthusiasm 
in 160m. Do get a copy of Jeff Briggs book if you can - it comes with an 
audio CD of 'magic moments on 160m'.

73 & Good DX

Chris, G3SVL

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