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Rule of thumb...The higher you place the loading coil on the tower before the horizontal top loading wire, the more efficient the antenna will be.  If the coil is at the top and then connects to a top loading wire you solve several problems.  If the wire end is brought temporarily near the ground if can be punned for resonance of the vertical. This will avoid having to go up avoid you having to adjust the coil.  Also an old trick was to tape a #47 light bulb with a few turns at the junction at the top of the tower.  Feed a few watts in the evening till you get visible illumination then start trimming the end of the wire.  If the light gets brighter you are going in the right direction but if it dims just add more wire till it gets to its brightest point.  You might need a series cap at the base to tune out any reluctance.  Or an MFJ-259 will tell you how much fixed capacitance to put in.  If the MFJ tells you at the base you need some ore inductance a simple L network can deal with that.

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> Hello to all.I am planning a 60 foot vertical.I am wanting to either place a coil on the vertical for topband.The vertical is a hy-tower.I have base loaded(not very effective) I have toploaded with a single wire(not enough room).I now have plenty of room.So my question.
> Base load with many radials,60+
> top load at the highest with wires?
> top load with coil? and if this is best where should the coil be placed.
> thanks to all es 73 john w5jmw
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