Topband: Ground screen question

Robert Harmon k6uj at
Mon Jan 11 00:10:48 EST 2016


I searched the archives under "ground screen" and could not find info on 
my situation.
I have a 15 foot by 70 foot, 6 inch thick concrete parking slab along 
side our house.  My tower
is about 15 feet away from the side of the slab.  I am planning radials 
to extend out from the tower which
I will be shunt feeding for 160M and remembered that the  slab has 
welded wire mesh reinforcement
at mid depth.  The welded mesh is 6 in by 6 in and # 8 wire.  Would the 
mesh be a good ground screen ?
I will have to drill and connect to the mesh at various places but would 
be worth it if a good ground screen.


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