Topband: [Bulk] placement oc coil

Grant Saviers grants2 at
Fri Jan 8 19:32:57 EST 2016

Rudy N6LF has covered the top loading issues pretty thoroughly, see
Bottom line IMO: install as many top loading wires as you can as 
horizontal as possible and then consider a loading coil.

I had eight 6' spokes of 3/8 Al tubing and a perimeter wire to resonate 
40' of 3" irrigation pipe on 80m w/o any coils.  Worked great on my 
barn's steel roof.

Grant KZ1W

On 1/8/2016 15:09 PM, w5jmw at wrote:
> Hello to all.I am planning a 60 foot vertical.I am wanting to either 
> place a coil on the vertical for topband.The vertical is a hy-tower.I 
> have base loaded(not very effective) I have toploaded with a single 
> wire(not enough room).I now have plenty of room.So my question.
> Base load with many radials,60+
> top load at the highest with wires?
> top load with coil? and if this is best where should the coil be placed.
> thanks to all es 73 john w5jmw
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