Topband: Received Signal Strengths

Tom W8JI w8ji at
Sat Jan 9 12:16:06 EST 2016

>>> marks on a rubber band.
> Great analogy Tom.    If I were truthful with the signal reports for most 
> of
> the topband DX worked here, using the S-meter with RX loops, I would be
> sending "209".

I don't know how to really express it, but our S meters have index marks 
that say the same thing but all read (because of many variables) different 

It's like have voltmeters where on some meters 1 volt is .529 volts and on 
others one volt is 8.7 volts. It isn't just the receiver (which are poor 
enough), it is the IF filter, local noise, antenna gain, and everything 

If we dispense with the S meter and go by ear, it can get even worse. I 
don't anyone who can listen to a receiver without looking at an S meter and 
tell levels from one through nine based on sound.

Why anyone would criticize other people or contests for something we should 
all know is either next to meaningless at worse, or cannot ever be accurate 
at best,  is beyond my comprehension.

If you like the guy, give him an S9. If you don't, tell him he is S1. 

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