Topband: Carrier on 1814.0 kHz

Lee STRAHAN k7tjr at
Sun Jan 10 13:02:10 EST 2016

Hello John and top banders.
   I have been hearing what appears to be the same on/off carrier
transmission. I also hear one up near 1830 at the same time. The same slow
CW tones.  I believe these transmissions to be a form of QRSS or Very slow
CW. We had an offending signal we thought was a stuck transmitter here in
the NW about a year ago. We tracked it very close in Seattle before somebody
surfaced that knew the guy was running QRSS. The signal went on for days
just like the ones at the present. It finally went away with no ID
discernable.  I find it a bit hard to believe they are identifying their
stations every 10 min as the rules call for. I will look at direction
tonight if the signals are still on. 

Lee  K7TJR  OR

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For weeks I have been hearing a fairly strong persistent signal on 1814.0
kHz.  It is either a continuous carrier or a series of slow CW dashes.  The
signals I hear periodically from buoy beacons come and go.  This one is
persistent.   I hear it only in darkness and not in daylight, so I presume
it is beyond groundwave range.  From my location near Boston, the signal
peaks at a heading of approximately 230-240 degrees.

 Anyone else hear this?  If so, from what direction?

73, John W1FV


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