Topband: 4 square

Tom W8JI w8ji at
Wed Jan 13 09:31:40 EST 2016

> Used both the 4 square and 8 circle array by DX Engineering. Both work 
> but, in my thunderstorm environment, I spent many hours and as many 
> dollars as the systems originally cost repairing them over three seasons. 
> This is despite keeping the systems powered off, except when being used. 
> The guys at DXE said doing so would protect the systems. Unfortunately 
> that proved not to be the case at my middle Tennessee qth. Steve, NN4T

Whoever said that probably had good intentions, but unfortunately that is 

No matter where you are located, off or on makes an immeasurable difference 
in likelihood of lightning damage.

You really have to find out what is being damaged and where the ground loop 
causing the problem is your system. It should be curable to a large extent, 
but not by simply turning it off. That makes almost no difference for 

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