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Thanks Tim. I should have done my homework. Now I have 8 580’ terminated beverages with Array Solutions transformers and terminating resistors. They are quite robust but when the warmer, less stable weather comes I disconnect both ends of each antenna to protect the hardware. Even so the odd Dec/Jan thunderstorm can cause a problem so I have a supply of 450 ohm resistors of the type recommended on this reflector, on hand for quick repairs! The maintenance never ends! Steve, NN4T


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The DX Engineering arrays use hi-impedance verticals that need a preamp. The preamp is especially susceptible to lightning damage and does not matter whether it is powered on or not.


There are other 4-squares and 8-circles that use passive low-Z elements that do not use preamps and have no circuitry that is susceptible to lightning damage (although of course they can still be damaged by lightning.) W3LPL talks a little about the use of hi-z elements vs lo-z elements (he uses Low-Z elements) :


Tim N3QE


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Used both the 4 square and 8 circle array by DX Engineering. Both work but, in my thunderstorm environment, I spent many hours and as many dollars as the systems originally cost repairing them over three seasons. This is despite keeping the systems powered off, except when being used. The guys at DXE said doing so would protect the systems. Unfortunately that proved not to be the case at my middle Tennessee qth. Steve, NN4T

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