Topband: 4 square

Rick Stealey rstealey at
Wed Jan 13 10:40:28 EST 2016

> Even so the odd Dec/Jan thunderstorm can cause a problem so I have a supply of 450 ohm resistors of the type recommended on this reflector, on hand for quick repairs! The maintenance never ends! Steve, NN4T

Get some gas tubes from Mouser.  I use 652-2049-12-BT1LF.  62 cents each last time I ordered about a year ago.
Any surges are shorted around the device (resistor or transformer).  The gas tubes have no effect whatsoever on the normal operation.
Simply connect one across your terminating resistor, and one across the fed end wouldn't hurt either.

The maintenance won't end, but the maintenance due to lightning induced surges will.  No, they won't protect against a direct hit on the Beverage, but then you would have to find the 500 feet of wire first !

Rick  K2XT

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