Topband: Strange propagation

Ed Sawyer sawyered at
Wed Jan 13 20:08:03 EST 2016

I am sure that this is someone remoting.  Nothing wrong with it, in my
opinion.  They can legally use their own call assuming they are licensed to
be where they are, which isn't hard on 160M.  And its no different than
someone operating from their second home which many ops do.  Its just way
more efficient.  But isn't that our world today.


Good news is that is activity on the bands and someone using the radio to
DX.  How can we complain with that?


It seems non-trivial to me as to how to maintain these remote stations.  I
seem to frequently be going out at my place and fixing something.  The other
day I discovered a massive tree branch had come down and ripped out the feed
and some radial connections on my "omni" vertical for 160,  Luckily it
didn't rip down the antenna out of the trees.  Took me 2 hours to wire it
all back together and be back up and running.  Who does it if the station is


Ed  N1UR

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