Topband: Strange propagation

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>SO they did the next best thing and left it up to the individual to decide 
>what is moral or ethical for them.  If someone gets DXCC honor roll using 
>that system, good for them but it >doesn't hold water to me. They work 
>really hard putting up towers on a regular basis not to mention maintaining 
>it all.  They make an honest living.

Remember back in the Golden Years when it was STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to profit 
from "amateur radio"????   When did that go away???

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On Thu,1/14/2016 10:33 AM, Herbert Schoenbohm wrote:

>The problem with the US RHR deals is that it completely skews the process
> as far as the propagation differences across the fruited plan.  I
> would love to add to my DXCC totals as I close into the 300 mark.  USA
> stations can do this but is it ethical.  It sure makes money for a pay
> to play amateur radio scheme.

Amen Herb!!

>I strongly agree -- while it is permitted by DXCC rules, it is NOT
>ETHICAL to use a remote station, or a different QTH of your own,
>thousands of miles closer to a DX entity to add to your country totals.

>And in reality, it IS pay to play -- nice stations cost money! There's
>the gear, the antennas, and the real estate.

Yes Jim, ALL of our stations  require those outlays, but we don't make money 
from them!

>73, Jim K9YC

Brian,  K8BHZ

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