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Lets face it, the RHR guys take out sizeable ads in QST often times full page ads and so it would be shooting themselves in the foot if they in any way went against RHR.  SO they did the next best thing and left it up to the individual to decide what is moral or ethical for them.  If someone gets DXCC honor roll using that system, good for them but it doesn't hold water to me.  But I would in no way condemn the RHR system.  They provide a service that is in demand and they make n honest living from it.  They work really hard putting up towers on a regular basis not to mention maintaining it all.  They make an honest living.  

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On Thu,1/14/2016 10:33 AM, Herbert Schoenbohm wrote:
> I have full remote station here but it only functions for contest 
> operated by a cliff dweller in NYC who cares not for DXCC credit. The 
> problem with the US RHR deals is that it completely skews the process 
> as far as the propagation differences across the fruited plan.  I 
> would love to add to my DXCC totals as I close into the 300 mark.  USA 
> stations can do this but is it ethical.  It sure makes money for a pay 
> to play amateur radio scheme.

I strongly agree -- while it is permitted by DXCC rules, it is NOT 
ETHICAL to use a remote station, or a different QTH of your own,  
thousands of miles closer to a DX entity to add to your country totals.

I see no ethical problem with a guy anywhere using a SINGLE remote 
station, or remote stations in a geographic region, to contribute to 
award totals.

And in reality, it IS pay to play -- nice stations cost money! There's 
the gear, the antennas, and the real estate.

73, Jim K9YC
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