Topband: Strange propagation

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Thu Jan 14 20:38:56 EST 2016

<<RHR is just another form of progress due to advances in technology, if we
did not embrace progress in ham radio technology we would all still be
talking to one another on Lunch boxes and Gooney boxes!  >>

The issue is what you do and not what you say 

If all this new technology is do good , the HRH users should be proud of is
and PUBLISH, open publicly and announce proudly . 

""  I am a HRH user!!! ""

However that is far from reality,  the main business drive is privacy. HRH
warranty nobody will possibly know you are using this fantastic technology.

WHY?? Open the list of users, be proud of it! 

My 100 cents


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Dave,  What will happen then is that the RHR gurus will just jack up the
rates to take the hams with deepest pockets. Additionally the laws of supply
will kick in and more RHR station and others will invest in this scheme to
put more stations on the air.  As this progresses the value of the entire
DXCC program will diminish. There must be some brakes put on this before is
is to late.  The other night I was thrilled to have an Italian station
calling me on 160 only to learn later he was actually on the mainland via an
RHR station.  Is this the way amateur radio is supposed to trend?

Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

On 1/14/2016 5:28 PM, Dave Blaschke, w5un wrote:
> Look at the situation; There are just a few stateside RHR for rent 
> locations. As more and more "hams" begin to use these sites to work 
> DXpeditions, the queue length to access one of these sites will become  
> hopeless long. JUST A THOUGHT.
> Dave, W5UN
> On 1/14/2016 6:33 PM, Herbert Schoenbohm wrote:
>> I have lost my amateur station in three major hurricanes over the 
>> years here, everything including radios (from water) and antennas. I 
>> have also rebuilt them a four different locations until I finally 
>> scrapped enough money together and bought a home next to a large salt 
>> pond. I have full remote station here but it only functions for 
>> contest operated by a cliff dweller in NYC who cares not for DXCC 
>> credit.  The problem with the US RHR deals is that it completely 
>> skews the process as far as the propagation differences across the 
>> fruited plan.  I would love to add to my DXCC totals as I close into 
>> the 300 mark.  USA stations can do this but is it ethical.  It sure 
>> makes money for a pay to play amateur radio scheme. But is it the way 
>> you want low band Dx-ing to become?  I hope not as you only will need 
>> a computer and an internet connection and everything else that used 
>> to a worthwhile effort is trashed.
>> I remember a former 160 meter DX pioneer, Charles O'Brien who 
>> originally from Illinois used a 1/4 wave bent Marconi and 25 watts to 
>> work a G station.  This is what we are or what we used to be. RHR I 
>> am afraid is the end of an era were perseverance and not vast amounts 
>> of  QRO muscle and money decided who was on top. That is a shame and 
>> perhaps to some a disgrace as it really chances everything including 
>> the respect we have for those who did so much with so little.`
>> Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ
>> On 1/14/2016 12:43 AM, Dave Blaschke, w5un wrote:
>>> I will say this:
>>> operating a remote station (for money) owned and managed by someone 
>>> else will never be as satisfying as operating your own station, 
>>> built by your hands. But than again, if you have no station, and are 
>>> unable to build one up, what's your choice? I built (and rebuilt) a 
>>> beautiful station and antenna system here over the past fifteen 
>>> years, only to see much of it destroyed by storms in recent years.
>>> Now I am unable to rebuild anymore.
>>> Dave, W5UN
>>> On 1/14/2016 2:26 AM, Carl Luetzelschwab wrote:
>>>> Ed N1UR said "It seems non-trivial to me as to how to maintain 
>>>> these remote stations."
>>>> My guess is it was someone using the Portland, OR station in the 
>>>> Remote Ham Radio network 
>>>> ( The stations are 
>>>> available for a price.
>>>> I don't know whose actual station that is - but I'm sure it is 
>>>> someone's home station (just like all the others in the network).
>>>> Carl K9LA
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