Topband: strange propagation

Larry Burke wi5a at
Fri Jan 15 08:39:52 EST 2016

> Please sign your emails with your callsign (assuming you have one)


He's looking at YOU, Lou ("Conversion King") Parascondola.



> so I am getting this issue looked at by the owner to see what he says


> I will check on this with the RHR group


You seem pretty tight with these guys. What is your affiliation? 



> Furthermore, the ARRL has looked into the legality and published in QST


I specifically asked someone at the League whether they have examined
commercial remote operation from a legal standpoint and was told "no". A
product review by a non-lawyer hardly counts as a legal review. If the
League has performed such a review, perhaps they would be willing to share
it with us. Likewise for the RHR guys. It will never happen. 



> We have to see if RHR is a registered trademark


Yes, RHR is a registered trademark. And the trademark is not held by 



> I joined this reflector not quite a week ago.  I am new to 160 meters


Looks like we found the expert. 



- Larry K5RK

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