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Sorry, My email provider shows that my first and last name come up in the headers.  For those who may not see that, I'm Lou W1QJ and I am  personal friends with the owners of RHR,  Ray W2RE and Lee WW2DX.  I have know these guys for years and my phone calls get answered and my emails get answered by them immediately.  Ray has seen every single post that has been on this reflector since this issue came up.  He is watching all this but remains silent.  So that said, he told me that the exposure to the whole issue is GREAT for business and every time eham has a discussion on it and likewise here, the subscription rate goes up.  Like free advertising.  Call it the Donald Trump syndrome if you will.  The GAVEL is down on the issue, it's legal and it's here to stay and it is only going to get bigger and better.  You know the old saying "you can't stop a train, or is it Trane"  W1QJ

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> Please sign your emails with your callsign (assuming you have one)


He's looking at YOU, Lou ("Conversion King") Parascondola.



> so I am getting this issue looked at by the owner to see what he says


> I will check on this with the RHR group


You seem pretty tight with these guys. What is your affiliation? 



> Furthermore, the ARRL has looked into the legality and published in QST


I specifically asked someone at the League whether they have examined
commercial remote operation from a legal standpoint and was told "no". A
product review by a non-lawyer hardly counts as a legal review. If the
League has performed such a review, perhaps they would be willing to share
it with us. Likewise for the RHR guys. It will never happen. 



> We have to see if RHR is a registered trademark


Yes, RHR is a registered trademark. And the trademark is not held by 



> I joined this reflector not quite a week ago.  I am new to 160 meters


Looks like we found the expert. 



- Larry K5RK

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