Topband: strange propagation

Larry Burke wi5a at
Fri Jan 15 12:03:54 EST 2016

> RHR is the safest, most regulated, use of a remote station. IP's are
watched, people pay a membership, they have to log in, and they know if
caught breaking any law they lose a deposit and are booted.

Safest -- yep... none of that pesky high voltage in the user's shack to get
tangled up in. And no towers to fall from. Heaven knows we don't want hams
messing with that kind of stuff. 

Most Regulated -- so there are additional regulations imposed on RHR that
the rest of the amateur community is not accountable for? That's

IPs are watched -- meh. This is minimally effective.

People pay a membership -- now THAT I cannot argue with. 

They have to log in -- this may one day be the height of their technical
competence if this trend continues

If caught breaking any law they lose a deposit and are booted -- so how many
people have actually had this happen to them? 

RHR has stated that they require operators to operate "ethically" on their
network. Exactly how to they define that term?  Is it considered ethical for
a ham in, say, Huntington Beach CA to call -- via a commercial remote in New
York -- a station at the United Nations on 6m when the only propagation at
the time is ground wave? 

- Larry K5RK


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